YouTube Advertising in the Philippines
YouTube Advertising

YouTube Advertising

Google’s subsidiary YouTube is definitely today’s #1 video-sharing site in the world. With its capability to reach a wider group of audience all over the world, you may want to add the video site to your digital marketing strategies.

Why Use YouTube?

Share-ability (Viral Marketing)

YouTube allows you to build an online community where you can instantly show your content to your subscribers. The capability to share videos across multiple platforms, especially social media sites, increases reach, audience engagement and business growth.


In terms of determining metrics and analytics, site features and reporting tools are available that will show not only how many people have watched your content, but also the effectiveness of your video to reach and engage your audience or community, in terms of shares, ratings, favorites, comments, referrals, inbound links, etc.


Advertising content via YouTube is free. The chances of a video becoming viral or reaching a wider audience largely depend on its content and quality. In terms of YouTube ads, on the other hand, you only pay for your ads when users click on them to view the actual video. Thus, it’s a more cost-effective option than traditional advertising methods such as television commercials and billboards.


Research shows that there are more than 1 billion active YouTube users, plus about 3.25 billion hours of content watched, monthly, and these numbers are expected to rise annually. It is also stated that the site attracts a third of all Internet users. Considering these figures, it’s obvious that YouTube is the best platform that will enable you to reach millions of people all over the world who can potentially become a loyal customer.


You can also do precision targeting to generate more information about your viewers, including their location, interests, viewing devices and watching history. Knowing these details will allow you to feature content that is relevant and interesting to your target audience.

Search Engine Rankings

As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube videos rank high on the search giant’s results pages.

AMPH Advertising Agency Inc will help your business expand its reach and establish a following through different types of YouTube ads, which are available in image, video and text formats, and can be placed in specific locations on the page. You can also control when your ads will appear with targeting options based on demographics and viewership.


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