Google Display Network

What is GDN?

With Google Display Network (GDN), we can help you reach and expand your target audience

by displaying your ads across multiple platforms, right exactly when and where your customers can see them.

Comprising millions of high-quality websites, news pages, blogs, and Google sites such as Gmail and YouTube, GDN boasts the capacity to reach 90% of Internet users worldwide. There’s really no larger network for contextual advertising in the world.

With advantages coming in the form of keyword and demographics targeting, plus remarketing lists, GDN can help you widen your reach to both targeted and prospective customers by displaying your ads on pages most relevant to your brand’s products and services.

It doesn’t stop there. As a GDN advertiser, you have the power to measure your ads’ performance and adjust your current settings to meet your objectives—whether to boost sales, get higher traffic, or receive more calls. With an option for automated targeting and bidding, GDN finds for you high-performing audiences most suitable for your brand and continuously adjusts your ad bidding to maximize your conversions and return on investment (ROI).

Choose How Your Ads Are Displayed

With GDN, there’s more than one way to display your ads. From the usual image ads to responsive ads, and remarketing ads, our team of Google banner ads experts in the Philippines can help you find the right type of ad that will appeal to your target audience and secure a higher ROI.

Location, Location, Location

Just because GDN’s reach spans millions of websites and platforms doesn’t mean that your ad should appear in every one of them. We can help you choose the right sites where your ad should be to generate recall and brand awareness in your target market.

Target the Right Audience

With GDN’s specialized targeting options, you can deliver your message effectively to the right audience, according to:


Google allows you to target people based on their age, gender, civil status, geographical location, device, and more.


With affinity and in-market audiences, whether custom or not, you can target those who are interested in brands, and products, and services, which are similar to yours.


Partnered with an effective remarketing strategy, tracking the activities of people who visit your site through cookies can help you drive and re-drive traffic to your website.

With AMPH, we will make sure that your brand’s message can come across your target audience through our years of experience in the digital marketing world.
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Benefits of Google Display Network

Larger Audience Reach

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a massive network of websites and apps that reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide. This help raise awareness of your brand by exposing your ads to a large number of people, even if they're not actively searching for your product or service.


Boost traffic to your website through Google Display Network. Compared to search ads, the cost-per-click on GDN campaigns are way cheaper. As a result, this can allow you to reach more people without breaking the bank. This means that you get FREE exposure on Google to relevant audience that are already looking for your services online.

Catch Audience Attention Visually

With the use of images, people can have a glimpse of your offerings for free. They are able to relate to your products or services and have an option already if that is something that interests them or not prior to clicking the ad and you paying for that engagement.

Ability to Remarket

Establish recall about your brand through GDN’s remarketing feature. With GDN, you can remind your previous website visitors about your business and encourage them to come back. come back, and make a purchase or send you an inquiry.

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