YouTube Bumper Ads: How to Maximize Your Reach

March 26, 2021
YouTube Bumper Ads: How to Maximize Your Reach

Marketers and advertisers are being challenged day by day. With an immense number of options available out there and the ever-decreasing attention span of audiences, capturing viewers’ attention can be hard. When you’re running a YouTube video ad campaign in the Philippines, you may want to consider bumper ads – a short yet catchy and non-skippable video ad.

What is a YouTube bumper ad?

YouTube bumper ad is a six-second, non-skippable video format ideal to drive more reach and frequency that plays before the YouTube video. Bumper ads are designed to catch and stimulate attention aiming to deliver innovative brand experiences.

Bumper ads can run their campaign alone, but its effectiveness increases when coupled with TrueView ads, as per Google ads YouTube. The idea of a bumper ad is to tease or intrigue your audience. Its impact can be compared with watching the teaser of your favorite TV show or movie. Your bumper ad can attract or stimulate curiosity reserved for a longer story or upcoming product launch.

How effective are YouTube bumper ads?

When done right, a YouTube bumper ad guarantees an upsurge to your YouTube video ads campaign. A study conducted by Google in 2017 of 122 bumper ad campaigns concluded that 70% marked an average of 9% lift in brand awareness. Also, 9 out of 10 merits an ad recalls globally, rendering an average lift of more than 30%.

How to maximize your reach in 6 seconds?

  • Know your objective

    Unlike other YouTube video ads, bumper ads are quite brief. You may want to showcase all the cool features of your product, but this may only confuse your viewers. It is best to focus on a single point or a product highlight to avoid information overload. Justify your objective and keep it simple, on-point, and crystal clear rather than stuffing it with too much content. Besides, you can make multiple bumper ads or make use of TrueView ads for the other selling points you want to advertise.

  • Incorporate bumper ads within broader strategies

    Bumper ads work well with other media or marketing strategies. You may want to consider integrating a series of bumper ads with your digital campaign or greater media plan. It can support and deliver traffic to your other videos and media setup.

  • Cleave to clarity and brevity

    To make an enthralling yet clear, informative message in six seconds can be challenging. However, it can get easier if you know your objective and you understand how to use it with teasing, amplifying, or echoing. Many brands and even artists have embraced the restraint of a six-second limit. Make sure to have a simple, clear, and single-minded message.

  • Make an efficient ad structure

    While bumper ads are relatively short, the elements in creating a compelling video still apply. Consider practicing the Playbook for Creative Advertising’s recommendations under Guidelines for Great Creative for video ads conceptualization. It includes the ABCD, which translate to:

    • Attract – Immediately attract your audience’s attention. Humor, popular faces, and stunning sounds can help.
    • Brand – Make sure to integrate your brand as naturally and as meaningful as possible, instead of simply placing your logo.
    • Connect – Connect with your audience either through emotion or storytelling to create higher impact and interest.
    • Direct – Always be clear and direct on what you want your viewers to do.
  • Insert a striking statement

    A short and catchy narration can help hold your audience’s attention and keep them away from distraction. Whatever you have to say, remember to make it substantial and effective since you only have six-seconds to convey. Top digital marketing services assist in gaining an ad recall to assure a return of investment from the fee of YouTube advertising cost in the Philippines.

  • Create a wealthy visual

    Humans love visuals. Ensure that your bumper ad is visually pleasing, enough to hook your audience to the ad. It should blend well with music and effects to make the YouTube ads cost worthwhile. Keep in mind that its look should be appropriate to your audience’s interest and age group. Using the color of psychology can be helpful too.

  • Stimulate engagement

    A clever design and construction help guarantee the catch of interest of your audience. You can use some sense of mystery to tease the viewers leading them to think about your ad even after they have watched it. This can be a great strategy for a bumper ad that’s coupled with a TrueView ad. Or, you can create a series of intriguing bumper ads to tell a broader story.

YouTube’s bumper ad has been around for years, yet brands and marketers are still exploring other ways to make the most out of it. A bumper ad is an effective way to gain brand awareness quickly, especially when used as a part of a wider strategy. Since it is short and non-skippable, your ad is most likely viewed and heard.

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