Which Google Display Ad Size You Should Use

April 6, 2022
Which Google Display Ad Size You Should Use

Google display ads are visual-based ads served on the Google Display Network (GDN) – a network of more than two million websites that speak to over 90% of internet users worldwide.

Tapping into the power of Google display advertising in the Philippines can mean introducing your brand to a range of relevant customers for massive reach and higher conversions. However, it also means showcasing your brand to an array of irrelevant consumers. Hence, you have to learn the steps you can take to avoid wasting your ad spend, such as knowing the best sizes for google display ads.

Things You Should Know About Display Ad Sizes

Larger ads perform better than smaller ones, current data shows. This seems apparent since bigger Google display ads in the Philippines consume more space on the screen, thus, drawing more attention from viewers. Ads with large sizes are more likely to get conversions after being clicked by users.

While this is true, advertisers shouldn’t only serve large display ad sizes. Doing so may be disastrous to any ad campaign or Google ads network. The reason is because of how Google’s ad inventory works. It influences the display ad space available in its network, which tends to have several inventories for medium and small ad spaces and fewer inventories for larger ones.

To take advantage of the reach of Google display ads, marketers online should consider combining the most popular and the best-performing Google responsive display ads sizes with the sufficient inventory available.

Why Does Google Display Ad Size Matter?

The size of the image you’ll use when putting up a banner ad on the Display Network is a valuable consideration you’ll need to address. Using the wrong size will limit the reach of your ad campaign. Also, if you’re targeting a specific niche, the wrong size can make your ads or responsive ads utterly ineffective. According to studies, different ad sizes get different click-thru rates than their equivalents.

To sum up, Google display ads size matters. It affects the position of the ad and even whether or not it appears on the mobile display network.

What are Google’s Best Performing Ad Sizes?

Here are some of Google’s top-performing ad sizes:

  • Medium Rectangle: 300×250

    This image ad size is one of the most widely used image ad sizes on the internet. Medium rectangle ad works well with mobile, text, and display. That’s why it’s a favorite among digital marketers. 300x250 is compact and doesn’t use much space, and they are often embedded within text content, reducing the possibility that users will scroll past it. If you’re new to Google display ads or dynamic remarketing ads, it’s best to start with this ad size

  • Large Rectangle: 336×280

    This format often performs well. While this ad size doesn’t get as many impressions as a medium rectangle, a wide range of sites and publishers still use large rectangle ads. This is usually because 336×280 is just a bit bigger than the favorite 300×250 size. This ad size is also a good option for brands who want their ad embedded in the text of an article or responsive text ads where it can be exposed to many eyes.

  • Leaderboard: 728×90

    The leaderboard is commonly displayed prominently at the top of content or forum sites it’s published. Because of its position, 728×90 is the ideal choice for brands that want to get as many eyes as possible. Also, it 728x90 has a lot of inventory available. It would help to know how do google ads generate responsive search ads.

  • Half Page or Large Skyscraper: 300×600

    This format is one of the fastest-growing sizes by impressions according to Google. Several marketers appreciate the large size ad to generate more viewers and visual impact via the half-page ad. With the right strategy, this predominantly ad display can deliver lucrative results in no time.

  • Large Mobile Banner: 320×100

    Large Mobile Banner sits comfortably on mobile devices and is the top-performing AdSense ad size. To leverage this ad, place it just below the website header and ensure to place your message in it concisely. This ad size is one of the best sizes for google display ads for mobile devices since they don’t detract much from the screen.

Which Google Ad Size Is the Best?

There’s no one-size-fits-all display ad size for all. The best Google ad display depends on your brand’s needs. With the right size, your goal is to come up with a design that will stand out to your target consumers. Also, make sure to monitor your banner ad performance, and test them to yield better outcomes as you go forward.


Google display advertising largely depends on the team that runs the campaign. If you want to ensure lucrative results, get the top digital marketing partner of Google in the country.

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