What’s New with YouTube Advertising in 2022

October 28, 2022
What’s New with YouTube Advertising in 2022

In today’s digital landscape, YouTube is one of the most prominent online video sharing and one of the most well-known social media platforms. With a staggering 122 million active users and 1 billion hours of content watched every day, and a growing 800 million videos, there is no doubt that this platform will continue to adapt to the changing technological tides.

A Short History of YouTube Ads

If you want to grow your business with YouTube Ads, you must first understand the history of this massive social media platform. One fascinating facet of its history is the start of YouTube advertisements. In 2006, YouTube started having brand channels and participatory ads, wherein users click the ads to activate them and allow them to rate, comment, and share the videos. These were the opportunities provided by YouTube to various businesses in order to achieve a larger scope of audience. This has been followed by InVideo Ads and the evolution of homepage ad formats from one to seven. As YouTube became more popular, technological savvy created more ways to advertise products and campaigns, such as their YouTube bumper ads, YouTube Instream ads, and YouTube TrueView ads.

YouTube’s New Features In 2022

As a leading social media platform, aside from the instream ads in the Philippines, YouTube continues to offer its users new reasons to find ways to promote products and utterly enjoy its services. Some of these new features are:

  • YouTube Double Ads

    This refers to the series of 2 ads that are played next to each other during a video. This strategy is not entirely new, but YouTube has stepped up its efforts this year to ensure that their users can watch the entire video without interruption. However, one of the primary reasons YouTube uses double ads is to reduce distraction while watching YouTube videos. Through this, users of YouTube can greatly enjoy the entirety of the video they are watching. This is a big leap from the previous YouTube ads that played in the middle of the video. The underlying driving force behind the principle of YouTube double ads is to reduce content abandonment and increase ad viewing.

  • Zooming in on YouTube Videos

    With the current dynamics of the technological landscape, YouTube is attempting a new feature on their mobile app. This gives their premium subscribers the ability to zoom into any part of any YouTube video on their smartphones. Furthermore, this feature enables users to perform a pinch-to-zoom feature for videos that can both work in portrait and full-screen landscape views. Panning through the video by using one’s finger is also included in this new update.

Ads on YouTube in 2022

As of late 2022, the following are some of the most common types of YouTube ads used in the country:

  • Video Discovery Ads

  • TrueView In-stream Skippable Ads

  • Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

  • Bumper Ads

  • Overlay Ads

To know more and have a deeper understanding of TrueView ads in the Philippines and maximizing your reach with bumper ads and other various kinds of YouTube ads, one can read about how to use YouTube Ads to help your business grow.

Why Is Displaying Ads on YouTube Beneficial?

Businesses, corporations, and others are now leveraging the benefits of YouTube when it comes to advertising. They utilize and promote YouTube videos in the Philippines for their products and services. One of the main reasons for this is that YouTube allows advertisers to target their ads to specific audiences as well as specific channels and videos. YouTube also allows businesses to place their ads on well-known videos that are watched by many users. As a result, brands can reach new audiences with YouTube Ads. Another reason is, YouTube Ads cost allows advertisers the option to choose how much they want to pay when a user clicks. On top of these, YouTube is designed and utilized for video, which is the internet’s most appealing format.

Teaming Up with Trusted Digital Marketing Experts

Today, there are numerous digital marketing experts and B2B digital marketing in the Philippines that are available to assist various businesses and corporations in displaying their ads on YouTube. AMPH Advertising Agency is one of the premier advertising agencies in the country that houses various specialists who can navigate and use YouTube’s optimum advertising power. Aside from YouTube Ads, our services include Facebook and Instagram advertising, which are also considered pervasive and effective social networking sites to promote products and services.

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