What are TrueView Ads?

July 5, 2022
What are TrueView Ads?

Since its launch in 2005 until today, YouTube has cemented itself in the digital world as the video-sharing powerhouse with over 2.6 billion active users, 37 million channels and 800 million videos. These staggering statistics, along with the platform’s wide reach and smart advertising options, makes YouTube in-demand for businesses that are seeking to increase their online visibility and attract a global audience.

A key feature in YouTube advertising is the TrueView Ads.

What Are TrueView Ads?

In a nutshell, TrueView ads are refer to all ads that are featured on YouTube, including ads that appear before a video or in-stream, as well as ads that appear on YouTube’s search results, on the suggested video results within a watch page and on YouTube’s homepage on a mobile app. These ads are specifically tailored to target an audience who has personal interests, experiences and preferences that are aligned with or related to the product or service being advertised. As such, advertisers are able to effectively connect with receptive markets, reach new audiences and increase conversion rates and profit.

Where Do TrueView Ads Appear?

TrueView ads in the Philippines appear before a YouTube video is played or in the middle of the video (mid-roll ads). Many of these ads can be skipped after viewing it for five seconds. TrueView ads also appear on YouTube search results, video watch pages, YouTube’s mobile app and other websites in the Google Display Network (GDN).

Why Use TrueView Ads?

TrueView ads play a crucial role in helping businesses reach and engage a specific target audience out of billions of users. As a means to promote a YouTube video in the Philippines, these ads can direct the target audience to the advertiser’s videos and YouTube channel, where they can be converted from viewers to customers. Ultimately, TrueView ads are also designed to bring traffic to the business’ official websites.

Types of TrueView Ads

TrueView ads come in different formats. It is then up to businesses on how to strategically leverage each type to promote their products and reach their intended audience. The main forms of TrueView ads are:

  • TrueView In-Stream

    This is a type of YouTube ad in the Philippines where the ads are played on videos that are managed by Youtube or partner sites on the GDN. The most popular format of a TrueView in-stream ad is a skippable ad that plays at the beginning or in the middle of a video. After five seconds of viewing, the audience is given an option on whether to skip the ad or continue watching it. For advertisers, they will only be required for the ad space if viewers watch 30 seconds of the ad (or shorter depending on the length of the video), making it a favorable and cost-effective marketing option.

  • TrueView Reach Ads

    This type of TrueView ad is suitable for businesses that want to increase brand and product awareness, and audience reach. It combines the in-stream format with a cost-per-impression (CPM) system, ensuring that advertisers can feature their ads on targeted YouTube videos, but will only pay once a thousand ad impressions are achieved. Impressions refer to the number of people who have seen the ad.

  • TrueView Action Ads

    While in-stream ads in the Philippines are more popular due to their efficiency in reaching potential customers, TrueView Action Ads are preferred by many advertisers because of their high potential in conversion. These ads focus on getting viewers to convert through the use of branded banners, call-to-actions (CTA), end screens and headline text overlays. Such features pique the curiosity of viewers and persuade them to visit the advertiser’s official website, in turn increasing both website traffic and the chances of the viewer to subscribe to a newsletter, visit or call to inquire about business offerings, etc.

  • TrueView Video Discovery Ads

    Appearing on the recommended videos, search results, and YouTube watch pages, TrueView Video Discovery Ads help advertisers reach a target audience whenever the said audience searches for a video whose content is similar or related to that of the ad. With this type of TrueView ad, advertisers pay for the ad once it is clicked. YouTube Discovery Ads in the Philippines also include call-to-action overlays, thumbnails and ad copy.

How Do TrueView Ads Work?

TrueView ads work by delivering the advertiser’s product through the world’s biggest video-sharing platform to reach a wide global audience and engage with a receptive market. Advertisers who use YouTube’s TrueView ads will only have to pay when an individual watches the ad for at least 30 seconds, or when an individual engages with the ad (clicking on a CTA button).

With TrueView ads, advertisers are paying not only to increase online visibility and exposure, but to maximize engagement, which leads to higher conversion rates and profit.

Why Use TrueView Ads?

TrueView ads have several advantages:

  • Beneficial to both business and consumer - Viewers and advertisers can benefit from TrueView ads in a sense that viewers get to watch or be exposed to products and services that are aligned with their likes and inclinations, while advertisers get to connect with the right audience at the right time.

  • Cost-effective - YouTube ads cost in the Philippines is a big issue if an advertiser is not fully equipped and informed with the ins and outs of YouTube. TrueView ads help to minimize irrelevant views, ensuring advertisers that what they pay for exposure is received by the intended audience. These intended audiences have a high probability of viewing the advertiser’s website, buying its products and subscribing to its newsletter.

  • Pervasiveness - TrueView Ads are strategically placed all over YouTube and on publisher sites on the GDN. Despite this ubiquitousness, these ads are not disruptive in the sense that they hinder the experience and enjoyment of YouTube users.

  • Compatible with multiple devices - TrueView ads are designed to be suitable for viewing across multiple devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

  • Targeting Options - By putting into consideration demographics, which includes gender, likes and interests and purchasing habits, advertisers can leverage the targeting option of TrueView ads to reach and connect with the appropriate audience.

  • Achieved Marketing Goals - Businesses have different goals–driving traffic to their website, persuading viewers to purchase their products, subscribe to email newsletter or view their official YouTube page, or enhancing brand awareness. TrueView ads are tailored to help businesses achieve their unique marketing goals.

  • Duration of Ads - Sending an effective message to your target audience can be achieved differently. As an advertiser, you can choose if you want to maximize your reach with bumper ads or through long videos, both of which TrueView can help you create.

Final Thoughts on TrueView Ads

With the advent of numerous video-sharing platforms and other social networking sites, businesses and corporations are keen on finding the platform that will connect their brand and services to customers. TrueView Ads offer the perfect solution on how you can utilize YouTube ads to grow your business and at the same time build your customer base.

Choosing the right agency to manage your ads

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