Types of Business That Should Run Instagram Ads

April 6, 2022
Types of Business That Should Run Instagram Ads

Offering a unique and flexible advertising experience, Instagram is one of the most effective tools for selling products and services online. It provides visually stimulating and engaging content that leads users and consumers to react.

If your brand isn’t taking advantage of the platform, you may be missing out a lot! Whatever type of business you have, there’s an Instagram ad that will suit your marketing needs.

What Types of Businesses Should Run IG Ads?

Instagram is becoming more and more staple to different digital marketing campaigns. IG advertising is for you if you are:

  • A small business owner that’s just starting

    If you have a small startup business that aims to build your online presence, then running Instagram ads is a great way to begin as you grow your business over time. You can give your audience a story they want to follow through your Instagram ads. Aside from this, several other strategies for a successful ad campaign are available to help gain more attention and leads.

  • A provider of products and services

    Whether you’re a product or a service provider, Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase what you offer. With the platform, post multiple photos and videos in a carousel ad to highlight your offerings. The best Instagram marketing companies can help set relevant target audiences and other important considerations to ensure your ad’s success.

  • Seeking a target audience with a higher percentage of using the app

    While Instagram has over one billion active users, understanding its demographics is crucial for marketers and Instagram marketing companies. As of 2022, most Instagram users are Millennial or Gen Z users. To reduce your Instagram advertising cost, ensure to target relevant audiences.

What are the Top-Selling Products on Instagram?

IG’s biggest markets include beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle, health and fitness, business, and animals. It’s good to note that IG users prefer unfiltered images, so do not use photos that are heavily processed. Below are some products ideas you can sell on Instagram:

  • Apparel

    Selling apparel is a no-brainer for Instagram. If you’re a provider of a clothing line, running Instagram ads is a must for your social media campaigns. Doing some research to find out what’s trending and avoid Instagram ad mistakes can help attract customers that are more than willing to patronize you.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry is another perfect product to sell on Instagram. Hand-crafted and personalized pieces are trending in this line. To level up your Instagram ads, come up with dazzling visual ads to make your jewelry stand out in the game. Remember that offering personalized jewelry can make customers choose you over other sellers.

  • Beauty and Skincare

    Beauty products are no secret for industry experts. Instagram has always been a home of pampering products. Customers are into natural-based products that contain gentle ingredients. If your products can be individualized for each customer’s needs, you’re more likely to succeed in business.

  • Health Products

    Health issues are everywhere. No wonder people tend to follow healthy lifestyle profiles to help them live healthier. Offer products that influence your followers to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, note that you can’t sell supplements, vitamins, and medical devices on Instagram. But you’re allowed to provide wholesome foods and beverages or lifestyle accessories.

  • Fitness Products

    There’s tough competition in this niche, but there is always room for new ideas to rise above. Fitness products cater to audiences’ interest in healthy living, and this industry shows no sign of weakening. With the help of an Instagram marketing agency, make your ads engaging enough to hit the interest of your shoppers.

  • Food

    Mouthwatering foods are common on Instagram. When you’re creating Instagram ads for foods, make sure to perform product shots that will arouse appetite in the IG world. Food deliveries are popular on this platform.

  • Arts and Crafts

    For people who love making functional DIY pieces, Instagram is undoubtedly a great platform to show off and monetize their crafts. You can start by creating lifestyle blogs around your crafts.

Are Instagram Ads Worth It?

Although younger than its other social media counterparts, the massive platform has inevitably evolved throughout the years – and for a good reason. The fact that Instagram attracts a wide range of small to big brands proves that it’s well worth running Instagram ads. With the right strategy, it makes massive cash flows for businesses!

How to Get Ads on Instagram?

Digital marketers use Facebook Ads Manager to create Instagram ads. When utilizing IG ads, there is a lot to consider, which can be tedious. To save your company a hassle, hire a social media marketing agency near you. Aside from saving time and money, you can rest easy knowing that your ads are handled by experts who have been running Instagram ads for years.


Instagram is a powerful platform to help sell what you have to offer online. Similar to Facebook and YouTube, running IG ads lead to lucrative results. A reputable Instagram marketing agency in the Philippines uses the latest technologies to help ensure ads success.

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