Top 5 Instagram Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

March 2, 2021
Top 5 Instagram Ads Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Instagram currently stands as the biggest social media platform with over a billion users worldwide. Beyond photo and video sharing, it has become home for advertisers to reach their target audiences. Brands and social media influencers are taking advantage of the visual platform to deliver relevant and current content to gain customers and drive revenue.

While many businesses are driving positive results from Instagram Advertising, some are making huge, avoidable mistakes, costing them money and reputation. To avoid falling into the same trap, here are some Instagram Ad mistakes you should avoid at all expense:

  1. Targeting Irrelevant Audience

    You are creating IG ads so your audience can see them. If you’re targeting the wrong audience, even if you’re using Instagram sponsored ads with mind-blowing content, you will not drive customers. You must be able to define the audience first and understand the targeting system of the platform.

    Once your target audience has been identified, you can then reach out to them and create content based on their demographics, age, location, interests and preferences through Instagram’s advanced audience targeting tools. Instagram targeting options include:

    • Custom audiences – This allows you to reach specific groups that have interacted with you before.
    • Lookalike audiences – This allows you to reach an audience with similar interests and features of people who’ve liked your brand before.
  2. Using Poor Quality Images and Videos

    Instagram is a visual platform. Your audience is expecting beautiful and interesting images. Never post photos with poor quality and uninspiring contents. It will only make your brand look unprofessional and unreliable. Producing high-quality photos and videos, on the other hand, will likely raise engagement and enthusiasm to your profile. Try to twist and tweak on Instagram paid ads. To achieve a successful Ad campaign, aim for uniqueness and make your brand stand out.

  3. Creating Vague Ads

    Some IG ads can be beautifully created yet fail to raise engagement. You may be missing the idea of the content or the message you’re trying to deliver isn’t clear enough. High-quality photos and videos work best with clear and precise content. Remember to keep your ads well-defined and easy to grasp. An Instagram marketing company in the Philippines ensures to supply enough information to lead the audience to the next step.

  4. Having Brand Inconsistencies

    Keep in mind that your brand is an umbrella of all your marketing media, and Instagram is just a part of it. Your brand may have a website, social media accounts and pages, or a physical store. All of them should be consistently unified. A digital marketing agency in Manila will not allow any inconsistency that may confuse your customer. Make sure to incorporate cohesiveness in every aspect, including the visual style and editorial tone.

  5. Not Using A/B Testing

    Producing only one ad or a single ad set is one of the mistakes that other marketers commit. To see what delivers the best result, you have to create several ad sets and run them with A/B testing. Today’s technology lets Instagram marketing agencies use A/B testing in real-time. The tool allows users to compare two versions of an ad to see what’s working and what’s not. You’ll discover the best approach and thus increase the quality and results of your ad campaigns.

For several years, Instagram has been helpful to millions and billions of advertisers worldwide. Make sure to take advantage of its facility to grow your business, build credibility and acquire more followers. Steer clear from the above-mentioned mistakes that can easily take a toll on your success.

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