The Most Important SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

May 5, 2022
The Most Important SEO Ranking Factors You Need to Know

In today’s competitive and cutthroat marketing landscape, businesses and organizations ensure that they deploy the most advanced and pervasive strategies to elevate their products and services. With the World Wide Web and social media being the most consumed platform, most businesses have taken to developing a keen awareness and shrewd sensibility on how to maneuver these areas. One of those ways is their adept usage of SEO.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving one’s website to maximize its visibility when people look for similar products and services in search engines like Google. The higher the rank in those search engines, the higher the chances of gaining attention and pulling existing and prospective clients to one’s business.

Today, there are multitudes of existing SEO agencies in the Philippines that offer services that enhance the ranking of a business website on search engines. These SEO companies house competent digital natives that are well-versed in technological tools and are able to navigate the complexities of search engine optimization.

SEO Ranking Factors

If you are a company or a business that is looking for the best local SEO Company in the Philippines, you should first assess whether this SEO company adheres to best practices, specifically in the area of maneuvering SEO ranking factors, as follows:

  • Site Security

    Considered as one of the topmost important Google ranking factors, site security refers to the utilization of HTTP encryption. Websites that utilize HTTPS have SSL certificates that allow them to generate a secure connection between its user and its website. This also creates an additional layer of security that makes sure that the exchange of information between users and the site is protected. Some of the best SEO agencies are able to skillfully master this ranking factor.

  • Crawlability

    Crawlability is the ability of the search engines to access, scan and review the existing content of a website. This process helps the search engine to determine what the page is all about and how it should rank. That is why it is important to allow search engines to crawl your website for them to rank it.

  • Page Load Speed

    People who use search engines want to have the best user experience. This experience can be gauged by their satisfaction in terms of how fast the website loads. Search engines, being user-oriented, are inclined to rank websites that load faster on higher positions. That is why one must make sure that their website loads as fast as it could not just on desktop but also on mobile.

  • User Experience

    As mentioned above, search engines are user-oriented. They rank websites according to how users engage with a specific website. Search engines like Google uses artificial intelligence tools that measure engagement factors through the following:

    • CTR – Click-through rate is the ratio of how often people when shown with ads or results of search engines end up clicking it.
    • Time on site – This refers to the time spent in a website after searching for it through a search engine.
    • Bounce Rate – This is the percentage of people who swiftly leave after clicking and opening only one page of the website they found through a search engine.

    These metric systems help Google to determine whether a search result is beneficial to its users.

  • Structured Data

    Search engines need to find out what your page is all about so that they would be able to show it in their search results. That is why structured data is of importance because it makes it easier for search engines to understand the pages, products and the website in general.

    Structured data is also added to a web page that informs the search engines how to classify and interpret the content such as business address, recipe and other kinds of information. There are affordable SEO companies in the Philippines that are known for creating deliberate and well-thought content and data.

  • Local SEO

    This is an SEO strategy that helps an organization to be more visible in local search results on search engines. When executed properly, local SEO allows people nearby to find information regarding your business easily and quickly. Search engines have the proclivity to rank brands that they deem to be trustworthy and credible. That is why for a website to have a higher ranking, it should have a consistent business listing such as basic citation setup. Businesses should also have a Google My Business page, establish business profiles on directory sites of other related industries.

  • High-Quality, Optimized Content Targeting the Right keywords

    Websites that publish high-quality content in a consistent and frequent manner tend to have a higher ranking in search engine’s result. This is due to the fact that search engines want to provide their users the best result possible by giving them research-driven and high-caliber contents.

    Another aspect that propels a website to a higher ranking are contents that include specific or a group of keywords. These keywords can be researched in order to find out what users type in a search engine, which, when mentioned in a content, can generate traffic to one’s website. There are SEO packages in the Philippines that offer the creation of high-quality content for your website while at the same executing SEO strategies to make sure you position yourself in a higher search engine rank.

  • Optimized Images

    Another key factor to increase engagement in one’s website is through creating and publishing high-quality images that are in their most suited format, size and resolution. These images need to be optimized as well to help search engine crawlers to read and understand the page context. Some of the affordable SEO services in the Philippines curate images that are in line with the website’s content and theme.

  • Quality Backlinks

    Backlinks are links from one site that once clicked can lead to another site. When there is plenty of quality links pointing to your site, search engines will tend to rank your site on a higher ranking. How to get high-quality backlinks pointing to your website should be skillfully mastered to gain more backlinks making your site rank higher.

    Search Engine Optimization is essential to an organization’s success, and so one must make sure that they adhere and apply the above ranking factors.


For the past decades, technology has become so ubiquitous that it has been entrenched in the fabric of human lives. That is why businesses leverage technology, specifically the World Wide Web, in order to promote their brand and reach their target audience. One prominent example of this is their skillful utilization of SEO and their partnerships with businesses that offer SEO services.

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