Sponsored Ads: How to Advertise on Facebook

October 28, 2022
Sponsored Ads: How to Advertise on Facebook

What is a Facebook Sponsored Ad?

Facebook Sponsored Ads, also called boosted posts, are organic ads, posts or any content on Facebook that a company or an individual pays for in order to boost or expand their audience. Once “boosted”, these previously organic ads will be seen not only by the followers but also by the intended audience that can generate brand awareness and user engagement. Additionally, it can also drive traffic to one’s websites and achieve possible conversion.

Though there are cases where businesses and companies use Facebook Ads Manager to promote their ads and achieve broader objectives instead of utilising sponsored ads, it is still more important for businesses (big or small) to partner with top Facebook advertising agencies in the Philippines to help them navigate Facebook sponsored ads and achieve desirable results.

Difference Between Facebook Sponsored Posts and Traditional Facebook Ads

While Facebook sponsored posts and traditional Facebook ads are both paid options for businesses to deliver their ads and content to a specific audience, they have significant differences that set them apart. However, some of the differences between the two are that boosted posts are not created via Ads Manager and are not equipped with the customization features that Facebook ads have, including the ability to select business goals. This is one key difference that Facebook ad experts are aware of.

Another difference is that traditional Facebook ads offer businesses the chance to choose from a selection of placement options such as the Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Stories and Facebook Instant Articles, just to name a few. Meanwhile, Facebook sponsored posts are limited to the Facebook news feed and Instagram for ad placement.

Facebook ads are more inclined to have a large impact in translating campaign goals such as lead capture, sales and app installations. On the other hand, Facebook sponsored posts primarily focus on your business's social media engagement metrics and general social presence.

How to Get Sponsored Ads on Facebook?

Businesses and brands that want to sponsor their ads can easily go to their organic post on their Facebook page and click the "Boost Post" option. Once clicked, a window will pop up providing options for targeting, budget and conversion tracking. This will be followed with an option to set the ads or posts to run in all ad placements and have an overview of how these ads would perform with specific audiences and in which placements they perform the best.

Once set up in various ad placements, you can now choose the duration and budget in order to track various actions. Make sure that the Facebook pixel under "Tracking Conversions" has been selected and is in blue. This means that it is set up and active. Payment options are also provided for first-time users of Facebook sponsored ads, but if you have already done this, you can click the "Boost" button.

How To Obtain Your Desired Results Using Sponsored Posts

  • Set your Goals

    Before venturing into sponsoring Facebook ads, one core principle in Facebook marketing in the Philippines is to firmly set your goals. If a company wants to achieve brand awareness and engagement, Facebook sponsored ads are the best option.

  • Utilize quality-driven posts

    With Facebook advertising rates, brands and businesses have learned to be financially wise. They opt to spend their money on promoting high-quality posts instead of low-quality ones. This is because FB ads in the Philippines that are of high-quality appeal to audiences with their convincing and cohesive messages, and at the same time, they gravitate the audience to engage and be more aware of the brand.

  • Squeeze those creative juices

    Aside from quality-driven posts, creative posts are also great advertising tools. Audiences are drawn to posts that are unique and out of the ordinary, which cause them to stop scrolling and read the post. Facebook business ads use these creative posts because of their aesthetic appeal, which with just one look can attract an audience and compel them to click the post.

  • Amplify posts that have social proof

    There are organic Facebook ads that can reach a wider audience without the aid of boosting, but these kinds of posts are able to still reach a wider, newer and more engaged audience by boosting them. One of the advantages of Facebook ads that have been seen and interacted with by other people is that Internet users are more likely to engage with these kinds of ads. Additionally, some of the top Facebook ad agencies publish Facebook ads that are informative, entertaining, motivational and relatable to drive more engagement and social presence.

  • Check the performance of your sponsor ads

    In order to have an overview of the performance and reach of your boosted post, you can click on the Ad Centre and choose All Ads. Select your active boosted post and click the "View Results” button. The results will be generated that can help brands on what actions and courses they need to take for their company to thrive more.

How Much Does It Cost?

One of the prevailing misconceptions of FB ads is that they are expensive and do not deliver the desired results. However, the reality is that Facebook advertising costs in the Philippines are budget-friendly and if executed properly, can immensely affect the reach and social awareness of a brand. That is why before teaming up with a Facebook advertisement agency, conducting further research and preparing your budget are a must, especially since Meta is changing Facebook ads starting January this year.

Launching Your Sponsored Ads on Facebook

AMPH Advertising Agency is one of the top digital marketing agency in the Philippines that is committed to help clients increase their online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook. From planning, organizing, and teaching techniques to increase ROI, AMPH guarantees that their skilled and experienced staff prioritizes their clients' needs.

But why hire an expert to run your ads on Facebook when you or your staff can do it? While this may seem an easy thing to do on the surface, the truth is that Facebook ads have their own complexity. AMPH is prepared for such complexities with the principles and experience gained from years of providing digital solutions. From making sure that your advertisement reaches the target audience to complying with FB Ad policies, AMPH delivers.

As a holistic digital solutions provider, AMPH also extends its services to Instagram and YouTube advertising. With its multifaceted expertise in marketing, it also explains why small businesses need it and not just big and established brands. If you want your company’s products and services to proliferate on one of the biggest social media platforms, call us at 8553 6002 today.

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