How to Reach New Audiences with YouTube Ads

July 1, 2021
How to Reach New Audiences with YouTube Ads

YouTube is the world’s largest video-based social platform. Any business with different marketing goals can use YouTube ads to reach potential customers within the platform’s massive user base. YouTube ads can be a little challenging at first but once you’ve overcome its initial hurdle it offers unique marketing tools you can’t find elsewhere.

YouTube ads cost cheaper compared to other online marketing platforms. It is one of the most cost-effective strategies any marketer can have. Running a range of YouTube discovery ads in the Philippines is a way of ensuring your target audience finds your brand.

YouTube Advertising’s New Features

Google can help promote YouTube video ads. With Google ads, marketers reach more viewers on YouTube especially on mobile phones which hold 50% of views. YouTube advertisers can now connect to users who recently searched for a certain product or service to target the video ads served on the platform. If your video content is closely related to a user’s search it will appear on their screen. More likely, the user will watch the entire video ad or click it leading to the website.

What Makes YouTube Ads Different

Although it’s way easier to create ads in other social media, YouTube’s powerful capabilities to promote top-quality video content to boost brand awareness to an enormous audience is unparalleled. In fact, YouTube ads generated more views, more clicks, more traffic, and higher conversion than Facebook ads. Plus, you’re only charged when someone shows interest in your YouTube ads.

How To Reach New Audiences with YouTube Ads?

  1. Define Your Audience

    Before jumping into your ad campaign, defining your target audience first is crucial. You may use the four main spheres when doing so – the who, what, where, and when. This includes your specific or niche audiences and their locations, the topics relevant to your YouTube ads, the location, how often you want your ads to be shown, and in which devices depending on your budget.

  2. Learn the Specific YouTube ad formats and Their Uses

    YouTube ads have five (5) different Ad types and the primary advertising format is called TrueView ads.

    • Non-Skippable Ads – These ads are 15 seconds (or less) ads that play before, during, or after other videos without an option to skip. Non-skippable instream ads use cost per thousand (CPM) bidding, so you’ll pay for every thousand views.

    • Bumper Ads – These are the six-second, non-skippable video ads that play before a YouTube video. Despite their shortness, bumper ads are excellent for maximizing your reach.

    • Masthead Ads – Masthead ads are placed on YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours generating a massive reach. These ads are ideal for brands who want to optimize their brand exposure and have the money to do it.

    • Video Discovery Ads – These ads are visible at the top of search results on YouTube’s homepage as well as on the suggested video lists on the video’s watch page. The good thing about this is that your brand will only pay when the users interact with them.

    • TrueView In-Stream Ads – These ads pop up before a YouTube video which is skippable after five seconds. It prevents uninterested viewers from watching your ad, which would cost you money. On the other hand, it only captures audiences who are really interested in what you offer so your YouTube advertising cost will be lesser.

  3. Create Worth-Watching Ads

    While the single formula for a perfect video isn’t available, there are some valuable recommendations you should consider to make your ad work.

    • Ensure to make the first five seconds of your video count.
    • Clearly tell your story.
    • Create multiple ads to see what works best.
    • Drive interactions to enhance your brand awareness.
    • Remember to write a compelling title to gain interest and more clicks.
    • Build ads that link to your most successful video content.
    • Spare your viewers time to act.
    • Lead them to what you want them to do by providing a strong and direct call to action.
  4. Employ the Right Strategies

    Most likely, your goals should include attracting new viewers, growing your global reach, boosting your ROI, among other things. Keep your goal in mind when formulating your strategies. Make sure that it has one element at its center.

Why hire a digital marketing agency for your ads

Running a YouTube ad campaign can be tough, especially for beginners. That is where the top digital marketing services come in. When you hire professionals to run your YouTube campaigns you can rest easy knowing that you have the right talent dedicated to what they do. They may also have access to resources you don’t, which can drive more conversions or grow your business via YouTube Advertising. Not to mention, agencies can save your campaign precious time while delivering optimum results.

Creating YouTube ad content isn’t simple, especially if you’re starting from scratch. However, with its powerful targeting capabilities, there’s no doubt it can drive positive results for your brand. The key is to get a good grasp of how it works.

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