Sponsored Posts vs Facebook Ads: Which is A Better Option?

December 7, 2021
Sponsored Posts vs Facebook Ads: Which is A Better Option?

Every business needs social media presence nowadays – and placing your brand on Facebook is something you don’t want to miss! When done right, Facebook ads always pay off, but do you have to boost your ad post? The short answer is: It depends on your advertising goals and purposes.

Both FB ads and sponsored posts can help you reach new and massive audiences but in fairly different manners. Fortunately, the best Facebook advertising agency in the Philippines knows when’s the most effective time to use each one and how to get the best of both worlds too. Read on to find out more!

What Is a Facebook Sponsored Post?

Sponsored Facebook posts, also known as boosted posts, are the content you paid to reach a wider audience. Unlike a regular ad, sponsored post ensures that your content is placed on the screen of a large number of users, or seen repeatedly by users who have a high likelihood to engage with your ad post.

Top Facebook ad agencies would recommend using boosted posts as one of the techniques to increase ROI. A range of different brands uses sponsored ads along with Instagram paid ads and Google ads YouTube for a powerful marketing scheme.

What Is a Facebook Ad?

A Facebook ad is a more sophisticated campaign created through the Facebook ads manager. It offers generous options, including its highly targeting capabilities to reach more relevant audiences. With the best Facebook ad agency, extensively plan your ad content to create lucrative and engaging ad content.

There are many reasons why you should hire an FB ads expert. Aside from helping you ensure a more productive reach, Facebook ads companies also help you connect and engage with your customers, which builds trust and loyalty. The advantages of FB advertising offer beyond increasing sales. It would also tell a credible brand identity when done properly.

Facebook Ads Let’s You Do More

Running Facebook ads has flexible features to help businesses reach audiences effectively, as follows:

  • Select several ad placements

    Boosting a post allows you to decide whether or not to place your ad on Instagram besides Facebook mobile and desktop news feed. However, with Facebook ads, you have the further advantage to choose more, such as Messenger ads, Facebook News Feed side ads, Instagram stories, instant articles, and Audience Network for a more fruitful campaign.

  • Have precise ad objectives

    When you choose your specific objective early enough, you can focus on the type of campaign that will work best for your latest business target. While sponsored posts let you focus on page engagements, website clicks, and local promotions, the full ad system in the Ads Manager gives you much more options such as conversions, store traffic, and lead generation. For further access, you can opt to create or control ads via the Ads Manager mobile app.

  • Manage creative control

    Ads Manager enables you to design a Facebook ad that suits your goals. Be it carousel ads or any types of FB ads, you can add strong descriptions, or add a conclusive call to action to encourage your audiences to take action. With the help of an FB ads agency, these are some formatting options you can do with FB ads but aren’t available when you boost your post.

  • Leverage powerful targeting capabilities

    With sponsored posts, your ad targeting options include interest, gender, and age. While Facebook ads provide more advanced tools such as lookalike audiences, overlapping audience types, and more. Getting Facebook ad management services from a promising digital marketing agency in Manila helps you create efficient targeting to drive traffic and boost sales.

What Audiences Can I Target with Facebook Ads?

The types of audiences you can target through FB ads seem limitless. Below are some principal targeting features you can enjoy with Facebook ads but aren’t accessible for sponsored posts:

  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Any users who’ve previously interacted with a Facebook page or other content on your page

What Are Objective Selections from Facebook Ads?

With Facebook ads, you can gain reachable but sophisticated objectives, including:

  • Awareness

    This can be achieved by building strong brand awareness and increasing reach.

  • Consideration

    When you hire an agency for your FB ads, someone will work on your lead generations, traffic, engagements, video views, app installations, and messages for you.

  • Conversion

    Unlike many misconceptions about FB advertising, conversion via FB ads is highly attainable through different ways such as catalog sales and store traffic.

Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Building your social media presence with the help of experts can go a long way beyond just increasing your revenue. Choose a digital marketing agency with good credentials and several years of experience to yield Facebook ads that sell while creating excellent storytelling for your brand.

Looking for a social media marketing agency near you? Let AMPH Advertising Agency help you build your success. AMPH Facebook ads services have specialized targeting options delivering your brand’s message effectively to the right audience. Do you have any queries? Feel free to call us at +63 2 8553 6002 today.

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