Facebook Advertising Agency: Why do you need one?

October 1, 2021

Due to high efficiency, social media is becoming a staple element that satisfies various marketing strategies. Being the most popular and pioneer of social networking leaves no wonder why Facebook remains the market leader in the world.

With its more than 2.85 billion monthly active users, the social giant can surely help businesses reach their audiences – fast! All it requires is an effective and creative Facebook ad campaign. This is where a social media marketing agency helps you.

Facebook Advertising Agency: Why You Need One

Why Facebook Ads?

There are different advertising channels and misconceptions about FB advertising. But the advantages of FB ads are still much more profitable and significant than others. In fact, Facebook ad campaigns stay as powerful as ever.

As one of the most visited websites, Facebook can deliver your brand to a wider reach, massive leads, and of course higher sales. So, is Facebook advertising worth it? The answer is 100% yes.

Nearly everyone is present on Facebook these days, which provides an immense opportunity to reach potential customers. Whether you have a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce, Facebook ads are a worthwhile option for any business.

Fast, affordable, and effective, Facebook page advertising in the Philippines offers detailed targeting options to allow efficient spending and select who you want to show your ads to. FB ads also feature robust analytics to measure how your campaign is doing, allowing you to adjust your moves as needed to keep improving your strategies.

With unparalleled reach, FB ads can be set in a range of placements such as feeds, stories ads, search ads, in-stream ads, and much more! You may opt for organic advertising, Facebook sponsored ads, Facebook video ads, or Facebook retargeting ads that are specifically designed for engagements which means brand exposure and sales. Even a B2B digital agency uses this platform to run ads.

The Role of Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency is composed of professional advertisers that work in building a brand’s name and at the same time, create a demand for the products or services offered by their client. Some of their common roles include:

  • Produce compelling advertisements based on the information collected about the client’s product.

  • Conduct extensive research about the client’s company and customers’ responses.

  • Choose the most appropriate ad media including, when and where to use it and how much time it is needed.

  • Gather feedback from both clients and customers to envision the next steps.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Professional for Your Facebook Ads?

While it is easy to think that a Facebook ad campaign is manageable in-house, it is a powerful yet complex advertising channel. It needs effective and well-rounded strategies to harness its full benefits. Hiring an expert to manage your ads is a practical decision. Here’s why:

  1. They Have In-Depth Expertise

    Running a Facebook ad campaign is more complex than you think. To save your company a hassle, consider hiring an agency with a considerably higher level of knowledge, skill, and experience than in-house employees. This means more accomplishments plus better marketing outcomes. Hiring a digital marketing agency generates more leads and sales as well as a higher return of investment (ROI).

  2. They Know Different Marketing Tools

    There are various Facebook marketing tools to help push your ad campaign forward, which Facebook ads specialists know and use. Aside from the built-in tools that Facebook provides to businesses some third-party tools are available to get the job done. With the ever-evolving Facebook, acquiring Facebook ad management services from experts is a huge help to keep up with the trend.

  3. They Are Time-Savers

    As a business owner, you know the value of time. It is unwise to spend your time running Facebook ads for leads if you have an entire business to grow. Dedicating a team of professionals to do it for you can free your valuable time to do your tasks while getting positive marketing results.

  4. They Are Flexible to Change

    Digital agencies are always ready for changes. Whether you need to make big adjustments to an ad campaign or need validated reports or summaries, Facebook specialists can cope and provide what’s required. Remember that they have years of experience and they execute plans comprehensively.

  5. They Are Resourceful

    Crafting lead-generating Facebook ads that raise sales involves targeting the right audiences, producing creative ad images, writing ad content, and everything in between. All of which require ample resources and expertise from a social media marketing agency near you.

  6. They Deliver Profitable Results

    When done right, running a Facebook ad campaign is one of the techniques to increase ROI. Don’t let your marketing spend go to waste in guessing and trying to do it on your own. Investing in experts helps your business to become as profitable as possible by delivering significant marketing outcomes that align or exceed your business goals.

Facebook is a strong, cost-effective platform to market your business online. However, managing an ad campaign in such a broad and influential network is not as simple as it seems to be. When done by the right people, you can see exponential results with your ad campaign in no time.

Planning to start expanding your market reach? Let one of the leading Facebook advertising agencies help you grow your business. AMPH Advertising Agency Inc. is one of the Philippines’ leading digital agencies and the pioneer provider of digital marketing solutions. For more inquiries, call us at +63 2 8553 6002 today.

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