Best Practices for Google Responsive Ads

July 5, 2022
Best Practices for Google Responsive Ads

Throughout the years, marketers have observed a continuous change in users’ search activities, with recent reports showing 15% of the accumulated daily searches include new keywords. For businesspeople, knowing what users are looking for online is the key to effectively target a desired audience and convert them into loyal customers.

This current change in user behavior has led Google to announce a revamp in the way that its search ads, called responsive search ads (RSA), operate in an effort to keep up with an ever-evolving digital landscape, and to deliver relevant information to the users based on their search intent. With the help of the search engine’s advanced machine learning, advertisers will be provided with the best-performing ads for their customers through automated testing of headlines and descriptions.

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive search ads (RSAs) are Google’s latest default search ad format that helps marketers create numerous descriptions and headlines for their ads to show the most relevant messages for customers or target audience.

Google display ads let marketers create fifteen headlines and four descriptions (90 characters long) to test different combinations that are applicable for your ads and to enhance Google pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

How Do They Work?

With responsive ads in the Philippines, Google allows creators to add various headlines and descriptions that can be rearranged into 40,000 variations to maximize the ad’s potential. Google's machine learning algorithm will then sort out the combined headlines and descriptions provided by marketers to determine which are effective for your ad.

What Are the Benefits of Responsive Search Ads?

Responsive search ads offer several benefits for businesses such as:

  • Time Management

    One of the key advantages of RSAs is having the ability to save on time spent on the intricate process of creating ads. RSAs provide various options and ideas that you can test for a short period of time with the help of Google's machine learning system.

  • Better Performance

    Compared to expanded text ads (ETAs), responsive ads result in a boost of click-through ads (CTRs) and attract more conversions due to higher search visibility and relevance to audiences.

  • Real-Time Optimization

    Google’s advanced machine learning has helped to create a smarter system that provides seamless collection of data over time. RSAs guarantee that ads are more optimized and have higher target customer engagement. They are also equipped with a streamlined setup to optimize dynamic remarketing ads in the Philippines by showing relevant content to audiences who previously visited your website.

  • Customizable Ads

    One good thing about having responsive text ads in the Philippines is the customizable feature where you can create personalized headlines and descriptions, and determine the right keywords for target audiences.

  • Higher Customer Engagement

    RSAs are the Google display ads that you should use, as they prompt more customer engagement to highlight certain search interests and increase click-through rates.

Google’s Latest Update on Responsive Search Ads

Due to constant changes in user’s search behavior, Google introduced responsive search ads (RSAs) as its new search ad type, replacing the previous format called expanded text ads (ETAs) in July 2022. Google also notified marketers that it will no longer create or edit new ETAs starting June 30, 2022.

How to Effectively Use Google Responsive Search Ads

Before creating new responsive search ads, you must consider several search ads practices and tips to increase your sales.

  • More Headlines and Descriptions = Better Responsive Search Ad Performance

    It is vital for a responsive search ad to have a headline and description. What’s good about RSAs is that you can create up to fifteen headlines and four descriptions for variation and testing compared to traditional search ads. Having more headlines and descriptions can generate higher search visibility and engagement.

  • Focus on Unique Headlines and Descriptions for Best-Performing RSAs.

    As a general rule, each headline and description must be unique. One of the reasons why your campaign is failing is that Google display advertising usually does not prioritize ads with similar or redundant headlines and descriptions as they obstruct the rearrangement of the ads in various combinations. Your ads must contain the following to have a best-performing RSA:

    - a top keyword for at least two headlines
    - two to three headlines without a keyword
    - different lengths for headlines and descriptions
    - two unique descriptions
    - product features and any additional information

  • Pin Headlines and Descriptions to Certain Positions in RSAs.

    As part of Google’s automated testing, you can actually pin specific headlines and descriptions that you want to be visible to your ads. You can place your headlines in the first, second and third headline position to assess how each one performs. Regarding descriptions, Google will find the right message and format for each user, keyword and compatible device or screen.

  • Pin Headlines and Descriptions Sparingly.

    Pinning headlines and descriptions guarantees that your ads will be shown. However, pinning too many positions can lead to failed testing of combinations that can affect your ad’s performance. If you pin only one headline, the amount of Google testing may bring it down to 75%, while pinning two headlines can be lessened by 99.5%.

  • Manage Expanded Text Ads Wisely.

    Google announced the discontinuation of expanded text ads on June 30, 2022. Marketers can no longer create new ETAs starting July 2022, but they still have access for pausing, enabling and reporting their currently existing ETA’s performance.

  • Evaluate Only One Responsive Search Ad for Every Ad Group.

    It is not necessary to include various responsive search ads in one ad group as it will hinder the ad’s testing from different combinations and further delay the optimization of RSAs.

  • Utilize High-Performance Static Ads to Create RSA

    You must examine your ads and measure their performance using software tools like the Google Ads Performance Grader. This helps in establishing possible headlines and descriptions for your ad, along with reviewing different messages, value props and CTAs that are performing well in your content.

Choosing the Right Agency to Improve Your Ads

It is very important to understand why your ads should be managed professionally to help improve the performance of your ads. There are several Google display advertising companies in the Philippines that provide services to make your search ads relevant and reach your target audience such as AMPH.

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