Are Instagram Ads Worth It? Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Budget

June 27, 2022
Are Instagram Ads Worth It? Here’s How to Make the Most of Your Budget

Instagram originally started as an online photo-sharing application that allows its users to upload photos instantly and edit them with a roster of ready-to-go filters. Today, the social media platform has become the go-to for sharing stories, images, videos, reels, and even products. With over 1 billion active monthly users, 500 million daily IG stories and 200 million active business accounts, Instagram has become one of the most influential and powerful social networking sites in existence.

For businesses, Instagram is the place to extend their reach and elevate their brands. With the platform’s media-sharing thrust, it is easy for businesses to create an exclusive space to advertise their products and services, but only if they know how. Some businesses prefer availing the services of Instagram marketing agencies in the Philippines to help them navigate the complex yet business-oriented and lucrative terrain of Instagram.

Are Instagram Ads Worth it?

With a billion users currently and actively checking out products and services on Instagram, it would be foolish not to make an effort to reach potential customers. One of the ways by which you can boost your brand on the platform and target your market is through Instagram Ads. Instagram Ads allow businesses to publish sponsored content that will be seen by a larger audience, which means higher visibility and higher chances for profit. However, such benefits come at a cost. The question is: Are Instagram Ads worth it?

The short answer is a resounding yes, and here are the reasons why:

  • Wider reach

    By uploading eye-catching and share-worthy quality content, brands and businesses have the opportunity to engage with millions of users on a daily basis, including customers who are already looking for products and services that they are offering. This way, they are able to promote their products and services mostly through pull marketing instead of hard selling. The best Instagram marketing companies in the Philippines are adept in helping you publish ads that are effective in making potential customers come to you.

  • Targeting options

    To be able to understand and adapt to trends of specific demographics, Instagram has provided options that allow businesses to reach a particular group or subgroup. IG Ads in the Philippines can be specified by influencers and business owners by audience location, demographics, behaviors, gender, interest and purchasing tendencies and history, among others.

  • Fruitful results

    Studies have reported that advertisement recall from Instagram is 2.8 times higher compared to other forms of online advertising. This reflects the prevailing online behavior that Internet users recall and remember ads they see on Instagram more than ads from other online platforms.

  • Continuous growth

    Instagram ads in the Philippines can achieve and maintain a wide audience, and still reach more in the future, as seen on the spike in daily Instagram signups. With its progressive and dynamic landscape, Instagram continuously creates new features to allow users to connect more; hence, brands can look forward to far-reaching and long-term engagement with their target audience.

Does It Pay to Pay for Instagram Advertising?

Compared to other online platforms that allow users to start a campaign and promote their products directly, paying for advertisement impressions on Instagram can be beneficial to your brand in the long run. That is why you should make sure that you are assisted by a credible B2B digital agency in the Philippines that knows how to make use of the following:

  • Advanced targeting data

    Today, Instagram is second to Facebook when it comes to active users. Both of these platforms have tremendous targeting data and since Instagram is owned by Facebook, the former use the same demographic and geographic data. This data has established Facebook Ads to become successful, which means that with the right use, the same data can help spell success for Instagram Ads. With this in mind, Instagram marketing companies in the Philippines are leveraging Facebook’s native audiences and their behaviors and interest, and adding them to their Instagram’s audiences to ensure that they target the specific target audience and appeal to other users to purchase the products.

  • Better engagement leading to higher conversion

    Engagement rates are very high on Instagram for both organic and paid ads. An average of 23% more engagement is received when photos are uploaded to Instagram than on Facebook. Followers on Instagram are also able to see content of the brand, making it more organic compared to the reach that Facebook has today.

  • External links

    Currently, Instagram does not allow clickable links on organic posts. Instead, businesses include links in their captions, message, bio and stories that may be copied by the users and pasted into their browser to access the site. Instagram advertising allows external links that users can click to direct them to the brands’ website or a different landing page.

  • Longer Video

    Showcasing your brands and products are viable options on Instagram because videos can be up to 60 seconds in duration while Stories can last up to 15 seconds. If these videos are used wisely, brands can effectively convey their brands and their products to a bigger audience.

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise on Instagram?

With a multitude of benefits and features up for grabs, Instagram Ads is not a strategy that businesses should pass up on. Brands who want to grow their presence on the platform should consider teaming up with a social media agency in the Philippines that are skilled in maneuvering and leveraging Instagram’s ad tools.

The cost of Instagram marketing in the Philippines will depend on many factors, specifically the goal of the brand, services and tools available, ad placement, the brand’s industry or niche, target audience, competition, and even the time of year. To learn more about AMPH’s IG Advertising packages, call 8553 6002.

Is There a Way to Reduce IG Advertising Costs?

For first-time users of Instagram advertisement, you can start with less expensive campaigns that introduce your brand to audiences through awareness or engagement. You can make use of website traffic campaigns that will help drive Instagram users to your website.

Another way to lower Instagram costs is by utilizing automatic placement in the ad set level serving across both Facebook and Instagram. Through the system’s algorithm, it can determine where the most suited place for your ads is. This can give you choices between two platforms and more ad placements that in results, lower the competition on Instagram’s three current advertisement placement, hence the lower cost.

With today’s competitive and cut-throat business competition, brands and corporations are finding the most practical but effective ways to engage with their audience and persuade them to buy their products. Looking at the current climate of our society wherein social media has penetrated the daily fabrics of life, it is equally wise and business-oriented to use these platforms to elevate these products and services. Partnering with a trusted online marketing agency in the Philippines like AMPH can give these benefits to your business. By offering efficient and cost-efficient services related to Instagram and Facebook as well as SEM, SEO, GDN, AMPH ensures that your brand is promoted to a diverse and wide array of social media users. Send us a message or call us at +632 8553 6002 to start your journey in becoming a brand or a business that is social-media-savvy.

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