An Essential Guide to B2B Digital Marketing

October 28, 2022
An Essential Guide to B2B Digital Marketing

The advent of the digital age has undoubtedly impacted marketers’ communication with their customers. While B2B marketing is a challenging strategy, it has established success online, especially since the pandemic prompted many companies to alter their marketing strategies.

Digital technology has also enabled B2B brands to communicate with their customers in a way that has never been possible before.

In this article, we provide a beginner's guide to B2B digital marketing in the Philippines, its different forms, and which are the best B2B marketing strategies for your business.

What Is B2B Marketing?

The concept of business-to-business (B2B) marketing refers to a type of marketing strategy that involves a company targeting other businesses instead of consumers when it comes to promoting its products or services.

B2B digital marketing agencies help companies increase product or service visibility and generate leads and sales through the use of various marketing techniques such as websites, SEO, content marketing, email marketing and social media platforms.

What Are the Different Types of B2B Marketing?

B2B markets can be classified into four different types, which include:

  • Producers

    These are companies that buy goods and services and convert them into products of their own, such as restaurants or tech solution providers.

  • Resellers

    These companies are third-party providers who sell goods and services produced by other companies without materially altering them. Wholesalers, brokers and retailers have substantial market power to assist you in increasing sales.

  • Government

    This involves a wide range of government agencies from all over the world that buy products and use them for various purposes. All national and local governments have company contracts to purchase large quantities of goods and provide services to citizens.

  • Institutions

    The non-profit sector includes churches, hospitals, charities and educational institutions that purchase large volumes of products and services at relatively lower prices.

Strategies for Effective B2B Marketing

B2B digital marketing companies in the Philippines offer a range of strategies based on offered products and services. Below are some successful B2B digital marketing strategies that can be utilized to leverage your business:

  • Getting an In-Depth Understanding of B2B SEO

    Hiring a digital marketing agency drives more leads and sales by employing search engine optimization (SEO) strategic components, including keyword research, content guides and blog posts for higher rankings and brand visibility.

  • Creating a LinkedIn Network

    B2B marketing agencies in the Philippines utilize LinkedIn to help businesses connect with their peers for business expansion and develop a network of potential customers or referrals from other companies.

  • Using LinkedIn Paid Ads

    The LinkedIn Ads platform allows a B2B digital agency to target people based on their education, membership groups, job experience, and skills to generate leads and drive sales.

  • Establishing Relationships via Twitter

    B2B digital advertising companies use Twitter for delivering interactive content and sharing website links to engage their audiences and participate in relevant industry discussions.

  • Launching a Brand Awareness Campaign

    A vital aspect of any business is building a brand and conveying a message regarding what your company has to offer. There should be a mix of organic and paid campaigns in your B2B brand awareness efforts.

  • Generating Leads with Retargeting

    Using retargeting ads, you can create a campaign that specifically targets previous website visitors. Having an audience that is familiar with your business can lead to higher conversion rates.

  • Putting Out Industry Newsletter

    Email newsletters must contain relevant and valuable information for your audience, such as news and updates about industry-related events in order to foster relationships with current and prospective customers.

  • Creating YouTube Channel

    As the world's largest online platform, YouTube has become one of the most effective digital marketing services. Businesses can launch YouTube channels to create tutorial and explainer videos as well as present their products in a more visual manner to a broad audience.

  • Setting Up Google Search Ads

    By using Google Search Ads, you can position your website at the top of search engine results for keywords that you target in your campaign settings. Search campaigns are essential in attracting customers who might otherwise miss your website.

  • Joining Forces with Other Businesses

    B2B partnerships can strengthen your brand and enable you to reach new prospects through co-marketing agreements, lead-sharing agreements, and the offering of bundled products.

Components of a Successful B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

To create a successful B2B digital marketing campaign, it is essential to combine the following key marketing components.

  • Identify and Determine Target Audience

    An essential element of a B2B marketing strategy is researching and documenting your target audience and customers. Persona development is an effective method of identifying your audience. By using data, you can draw conclusions about hypothetical people who represent your ideal customer and their purchasing behavior.

  • Research Competitors

    The competitive analysis process entails analyzing the products, sales and marketing strategies of major competitors in order to identify and analyze them. By performing this analysis, your company can develop business strategies, identify market opportunities, and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

  • Develop Brand Positioning

    A digital advertising agency will establish a strong brand positioning strategy to achieve a successful business. Xerox and Band-aid are well-known brands that have become generic terms in their respective fields. Provide a unique brand positioning statement that explains how your brand is perceived by your target audience.

  • Communicate in Different Channels

    You must understand the various communication channels you can use to engage your audience. Analyzing your competitors will reveal the channels they have effectively tapped, as well as the ones they haven't explored yet. These insights will help you transform your B2B marketing portfolio and reach the businesses you need.

Best B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

Engaging individual consumers is critical in order to optimize lead generation and sales. Some of the most successful digital marketing strategies for B2B companies include:

  • Creating and Optimizing Your Website

    A website is a necessary tool for any business that requires nurturing and monitoring. Your website should display your expertise, offer solutions to customers, and serve as a point of contact for them. It should also provide a method of generating leads, capturing customer information, and serving as an industry resource.

  • SEO

    The goal of SEO is to make your website more visible and rank higher in search engines such as Google. Due to the complexity of SEO, it is recommended to hire an SEO specialist or work with a top digital advertising company to handle keyword research and other marketing strategies. Taking these steps will enable you to improve your ranking on search engines and establish your business as a leader in the industry.

  • SEM

    A cost-effective method for increasing sales, traffic conversions and target audience for your online business is search engine marketing (SEM). The process also involves creating high-quality content to increase audience engagement and optimizing your pay-per-click landing pages

    A major reason why Google Ads is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels today is its "search intent" feature for organic online presence. Google Ads is also an excellent way to earn a return on investment (ROI) by creating brand awareness, generating leads, and securing sales.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Investing in social media marketing services offered by advertising agencies is essential for businesses to reach a wide audience and drive engagement. Posting useful and relevant content will help strengthen your social media presence.

    • Facebook

      Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites and has huge audience engagement. You can increase your reach on this platform by generating shares, comments, and likes. Facebook also offers marketing tools such as Facebook Business Pages, Facebook Ads, and Facebook Pixel for brand awareness and target audience.

    • Instagram

      As a visual marketing channel, Instagram provides opportunities for businesses to grow their following owing to its large active user base. To increase engagement, use Instagram stories, branded hashtags, and post frequently. If you want to improve revenue, do giveaways or use affiliates or influencers who have track records of attracting followers.

    • YouTube

      YouTube ads is one of the services that a digital marketing agency can offer to B2B brands. You can use it to promote your products and services by creating engaging videos such as vlogs or product demonstrations, and building your channel in order to reach a new audience.

    • TikTok

      With its phenomenal growth, TikTok has now become an important content marketing channel for mobile marketing agencies. Through TikTok's unique and experimental videos, B2B companies can create fresh content to promote their brands, reach younger audiences, and collaborate with influencers in order to increase their brand awareness.

Take Your B2B Digital Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

The hallmark to a successful B2B brand is utilizing different digital marketing strategies. A company's growth depends heavily on these strategies. By partnering with the best digital advertising agency, you will be able to establish an effective marketing plan that will help you build brand recognition, reach a wider audience, and increase your business sales and return on investment.

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