7 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Campaign Is Failing

July 8, 2021
7 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Campaign Is Failing

Google Ads campaign is one of the keys to your business success, but only when you’re doing it right. Nowadays, google search has been part of most purchases. That’s why the Google ads network in the Philippines is a powerful tool for a strong digital marketing plan – with high conversion capabilities!

Using organic and paid advertising such as SEO and Google AdWords are significant weapons to deliver your brand at the top of Google’s SERPs (search engine results pages). However, despite the effort and money, the Google Ads campaign can still fail due to common generic mistakes.

To avoid falling into the same trap, let’s explore the reasons why Google ads campaign fails.

  1. The ads may have been paused, disapproved, or removed

    There’s a chance that your Google ads have been paused –either campaign or ad group paused– that’s why they won’t appear. If the ad has been removed from your account, unfortunately, you have to start from scratch.

    If nothing was paused or removed, your ad may have been disapproved. In this case, you may check Google’s ad policies to see how to fix the disapproved ad.

  2. Negative Keywords Negates Performing Keywords

    On some levels, your negative keywords may cancel out your active keywords preventing your Google ads from showing. Remember to use negative keyword terms that contain only some of your keyword terms and in a different order.

  3. Inefficient Scheduling or Targeting

    Similar to allocating your budget, you also set the schedule for each campaign of your Google ads. This lets Google know which hours and days of the week you want your ads to be displayed.

    Aside from this, check if your campaign’s location targeting parameters isn’t too narrow. Sometimes, ads may not appear if there’s not enough keywords search traffic from the geographic location you’re trying to hit.

  4. Insufficient Conversion Tracking

    One of the main reasons why your Google ads campaign fails is because of incomplete conversion tracking. You may run Google display ads, responsive ads, or even Google banner ads but if you have poor tracking setups your ad campaign may still fail. Even if you’re generating huge leads, sometimes your conversion can be disappointing.

    If you’re having a hard time tracking the actual conversion, shift to an ROI-focused approach to get a clearer picture of the campaigns that serve you best.

  5. Low Conversion Rates

    The goal is to convert your leads to become buying customers. If you fail at this, this means that your Google ads campaign isn’t working. Poor conversion rates can be attributed to several reasons: wrong selection of keywords, ineffective ad copies, insufficient A/B testing, and poor landing page design as well as incomplete conversion tracking.

    To improve your conversion rates, you may try the following:

    • Monitor how your ad works with a conversion tracking
    • Use specific keywords
    • Use negative keywords (this is to refine your traffic)
    • Utilize the search terms report to reach relevant customers
    • Include prices in your ads or responsive text ads to attract potential buyers
  6. Irrelevant Ad Spend

    Another reason why Google ads campaign fails is due to spending too much on search terms that aren’t converting. This is also associated with a poor conversion tracking system. Not knowing the keywords that work for sales and conversions will not only cause you money but can also drag your ad campaign down. Establishing an effective conversion tracking system can help eliminate this problem.

  7. Squandered Ad Spend

    Your ad spend can go to waste when you’re not generating high conversion from your keywords, ad contents, or ad groups. This simply means that your google ad campaign is inefficient. Make sure that you can monitor your keywords and identify the ones that contribute to leads, conversions, and sales so you can get rid of the keywords that do not perform to get the lowest possible cost.

You can unlock the full potential of Google ads campaigns and increase your sales if you use it correctly or managed professionally by an expert. Make sure your money and effort aren’t going to waste by avoiding these common mistakes.

Boosting your ROI is almost always a long journey when you use search engine optimization for your ads to show on top of Google. Hiring a digital marketing agency in the Philippines is an excellent idea to get expert help for effective Google ad campaigns and dynamic remarketing ads. For optimum advertising services, contact AMPH Advertising Agency Inc. at +632 8553 6002 today!

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