7 Misconceptions About Facebook Ads

February 26, 2021
7 Misconceptions About Facebook Ads

Facebook business ads in the Philippines offer a safe and effective way for businesses to reach potential clients in one of the most popular and populated social networks worldwide. Yet this service is still surrounded by numerous misconceptions that make businesses doubt its credibility and effectiveness in establishing a brand’s image and reaching sales targets.

Here are some of the most common myths about Facebook ads that may be hindering you from getting the full benefits of this incredible tool.

  1. Facebook ads are overpriced.

    Facebook Ads is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing services available, but as with any tool, if you are using Facebook Ads incorrectly or not optimizing your ads properly, then the results can be expensive. There are ways to lower your ad spend but increase the conversions, especially when guided by Facebook ad agency pricing. You may begin by running some tests and see what works for your business.

  2. Facebook advertising only works for B2C companies.

    While Facebook ads work well with B2C companies, B2B companies have plenty of opportunities with it, too. In fact, 89% of B2B enterprises are using Facebook over LinkedIn, meaning it works for them. With over 2 billion Facebook users, there are tons of business owners who look for your products or services. Since Facebook gives several targeting options, you may focus on lead generation campaigns. Setting up with a B2B digital marketing agency would be ideal whether you’re a beginner or looking for more ways to take advantage of Facebook ads.

  3. Facebook ads do not provide tracking on return on investment (ROI).

    Facebook’s reporting system has greatly improved, especially with the availability of tools such as the Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is a great conversion tracking tool that allows its users to track sales and leads on their website from Facebook ads. It also provides full reports on advertising contribution, including new page likes and engagement.

    The figures that Facebook reporting provides can definitely help you track ROI from Facebook ads. Based on the results, you can get an idea on whether your Facebook campaign is effective or not, and where to make adjustments if necessary.

  4. You need to invest money to get more page likes.

    Having a well-targeted Facebook ad campaign can help you get shares, likes and comments organically. Getting tons of page likes may be important for brand building, but you need to focus on the real goals, which are getting conversions, app installs, lead generation and regular traffic. With proper practice, you can get page likes without extra costs in Facebook page advertising.

    The best Facebook advertising agency offers several effective and clean techniques to get more page likes. For instance, when users liked your ad, you can invite them to like your page as well. Simply check the notification of your ad account and invite those who liked your ad to like your page also. In many cases, users are found to accept such invitations.

  5. Targeting a large audience is better.

    When maximizing your budget for Facebook ads, you should always follow the rule of quality over quantity. Facebook has specific targeting based on interests, geography, age, job title, and much more. Top Facebook ad agencies can help you reach a relevant audience at a lower cost.

  6. Boosted posts and Facebook Ads have equal results.

    This isn’t the case at all. Boosting a post can be much easier than running a Facebook ad campaign, but the latter gives a more rewarding and long-term result. You may choose to boost a post if you need to increase engagements on Facebook to a broad audience. If your goal is to generate leads and traffic, then you may opt for a good Facebook ad campaign.

  7. The conversion rate is equal to the number of conversions over unique clicks.

    Conversion rate is a metric that shows the percentage of visitors to your website or landing page that performs a desired action such as buying a product or subscribing to a newsletter. To get the conversion rate, many advertisers use the formula: Number of Conversions / Unique Clicks = Conversion Rate.

    However, not everyone who clicks your ad can end up on your landing page. To be more precise, divide the conversions by the number of sessions to get the conversion rate. Then, remember to set this in the conversion pixel.

Facebook Ads have many advantages for your business. With the right strategies, plus the right implementation of these strategies, it can be one of your most powerful tools to drive your online business to success.

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