5 Strategies to Level Up Your Instagram Ads

June 1, 2021
5 Strategies to Level Up Your Instagram Ads

Instagram offers massive opportunities for businesses of all sorts and sizes to enhance both reach and return of ROI. This visual space is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with over 1 billion users worldwide. A majority of them are highly engaged!

From website visits to finally making a purchase, most Instagrammers take action on Instagram ads that catch their attention or inspire them. For businesses that try to build strong brand awareness and create a circle of loyal customers, Instagram advertising is one thing you shouldn’t miss. Ensure a successful campaign by making valuable content through effective strategies on Instagram Ads campaign.

Why Use Instagram Advertising for Your Business?

With stimulating visuals, Instagram is undoubtedly a great platform to attract more leads and customers. The best Instagram marketing companies have seen how the platform has become a successful marketing tool for years. When incorporated into your overall marketing strategies, Instagram paid ads can do wonders for your business’ success.

Through high-quality visuals and features like Instagram shopping, you can show off your products or services to an array of customers out there. You may use both organic and paid tactics to get the best of both worlds. Make compelling content and actively engage with your audience and reach those users who haven’t known your brand yet with Instagram sponsored ads.

Effective Strategies to Elevate Your Instagram Ads

Level up your strategies for a successful Instagram ad campaign with the helpful tips below.

  1. Follow the 70/30 rule.

    Planning for your Instagram ads spend is vital, but be sure to stay flexible when doing so. Following the 70/30 rule is one way to maximize your potential success. You may want to spend your 70% for setting Instagram advertising costs and allot the remaining 30% for fluid spending, including reactive Instagram ads. When the 30% is not consumed fully, the excess can be transferred back to the main spending needs. The 70/30 is an old rule that has been practiced by many, but only a few have mastered this technique. Consider consulting Instagram marketing agencies in the Philippines for better results.

  2. Take advantage of user-generated content.

    User-Generated Content (UGC) is content created by the users in the form of images, videos, texts or audio. UGCs are authentic and compelling by nature which adds value to your brand. These contents are posts created by your customers, followers and employees that are viewed as social-proof or third-party endorsements. Sharing UGCs creates real connections and boosts credibility to your brand with less cost and time. Several brands use Instagram as their primary platform for UGCs promoting authenticity and building trust which in turn drives more sales.

  3. Exhibit your customers.

    Similar to UGC, featuring your patrons build genuine connection and promote brand credibility at the same time. Some marketing such as B2B can be unappealing to visual platforms like Instagram, but highlighting customers can greatly help. Start finding ways to spot your customer posts or stories, then showcase them to your audience. This technique enhances engagement in your ads and adds value to your social media presence.

  4. Make your CTAs direct and explicit.

    Aside from dazzling photos, stimulating captions and witty hashtags, a forthright call to action (CTA) is crucial to your Instagram ads. CTA is the part where you lead your audience on what exactly you want them to do. This is highly important since you may not get what you didn’t ask. Create a strong CTA not only to persuade but also to keep them guided on what to do and how to do it. You may add buttons like “Apply Now,” “Book Now,” “Contact Us,” and more. Instagram marketing companies would also direct users to click on the link on your bio or encourage them to tag you in their posts to acquire more engagements.

  5. Seek professional help.

    Instagram advertising continues to evolve with time and followers keep growing every year. Coping with the ever-changing innovations and connecting to more and more people can be daunting. Fortunately, you can always consult experts to help with real-time monitoring. Seek help from trusted advertising agencies to assist with your Instagram campaigns and aid to reach success. A good marketing agency can take your business to the next level while minimizing Instagram ad mistakes and optimizing your reach and ROI.

Running Instagram ad campaigns need smart strategies to grow your brand online. Aside from this, remember to make your users happy with compelling Instagram ad campaigns that boost their experience. When done right, optimizing your campaigns benefits both the business and the users, which makes a powerful combination.

Need help for your next Instagram Ad campaigns? We’re here to guide you! Let your business experience unique opportunities with the leading digital agency in the Philippines. Contact AMPH Advertising Agency Inc. at +632 8553 6002 for inquiries.

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