Instagram Advertising: 5 Strategies for a Successful Ad Campaign

December 21, 2020
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Advertising has greatly evolved over the years, with social media playing a bigger and more powerful role in business branding and promotions. For one thing, social media advertising allows businesses to specifically target potential customers according to factors, including age, interests and buying behavior.

One social media tool advertisers should take advantage of is Instagram. With its ubiquity and flexibility, Instagram can place a business in front of its over 1 billion users.

What Is Instagram Advertising?

Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms today. Instagram ads in the Philippines allow advertisers to build strong brand awareness, generate new leads and enhance website traffic through a visually creative manner.

IG ads started in 2013 when Instagram was acquired by Facebook. In 2017, Instagram earned 1 million advertisers. The potential to use Instagram as a marketing vehicle soon led to a spike in in the number of Instagram advertising agencies in the Philippines.

Currently, Facebook Ads Manager governs Instagram advertising. This gives an array of opportunities to advertisers for various targeting options and also for creating similar ads tailored for both Facebook and Instagram. Instagram-only ads appear in the feeds and stories of the users.

How Is Instagram Advertising Beneficial To Your Business?

Instagram users range from teenagers as early as 13 years old to adults ages 65 and above. The majority of the users are from the age group 25-34 (33.2%) followed by 18-24 (29.6%). There are 51.2% female users and 48.2% males worldwide.

These figures answer the type of audiences on Instagram you’ll get. Good thing is that it uses the same targeting tools like Facebook. This translates to connecting a custom audience. Using Facebook’s existing demographics data, your ads appear on the user’s feed or story based on your audience’s specific interests, behavior and searched keywords, among others. Clickable URLs are also available in IG ads, which instantly direct your target audience straight to your website, online store or subscription form.

What Are the Different Types of Instagram Ads?

  • Photo ads

    Through engaging and interesting images, photo ads showcase visual content to share with your target audience. This is coupled with content relevant to the product or services being promoted including creative captions, people involved, and relevant hashtags.

  • Sponsored ads

    These are ads available for business accounts on Instagram. Through paid ads, the brand’s posts appear on the home feed of their target audiences with a direct link to their website, e-store their own profile. This is a great way to promote giveaways or contests if any.

  • Story ads

    Instagram stories are one of the most favorite features on Instagram where many users post stories regularly. Businesses can share posts and videos on Instagram stories that will interest the users through clever targeting and placement. These ads contain “swipe up” options leading the users to the brand’s profile or website.

  • Video ads

    Video ads allow users to know the product or services that are being promoted. Instagram can grant up to a 120-second video in landscape or square format. When done right, video ads can get numerous views which really pays off due to a large number of receiving audiences.

What Are the Different Types of Instagram Ads?

  1. Select your ad objective.

    Choose your objective wisely. You can pick among three categories, including awareness, consideration and conversion. If your objective is deemed irrelevant, there’s a chance that it will be denied. The key is to choose an objective that makes sense for the content that you’re about to place within the ad.

  2. Pick your ad placements.

    Facebook Ads Manager chooses both Facebook and Instagram placements by default. If you want Instagram-only placements, you can deselect them under the “Edit Placements.” Other selections such as mobile devices and operating systems can also be specified. Bear in mind that different placements also offer different ad features.

  3. Set your target audience.

    When it’s time to select your audience, know that you cannot please everyone. Since Instagram is using the power of Facebook’s demographics, your ads are set in front of the right audience based on their location, age, gender, interests, behaviors, languages, and connections. Audience targeting saves a huge amount of money to maximize your Instagram advertising costs.

  4. Allocate your ad budget and schedule.

    First off, you need to select between a daily budget and a lifetime budget. With daily budget, your ads can run unrestrictedly with the duration of your allotted amount daily. A lifetime budget runs for the period of time you set in a day. In case you noticed that the budget is not properly allocated, you can opt to stop or pause it.

  5. Pick your Instagram ad format.

    Once you’ve chosen an ad format, you can proceed to the ad creation dashboard. This is where you’ll upload your content with the ad you have in mind. There are few ad selections to choose from based on your campaign objective. The best Instagram marketing companies can help in creating effective techniques in this section.

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