Facebook Ads Marketing in the Philippines
Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

On average, there are 1.45 billion people who daily log onto Facebook, and more than 2.20 billion monthly active users worldwide. This just shows that statistically, as a digital marketing platform, Facebook is too big and too valuable in expanding market reach to simply ignore. Taking advantage of this social networking site is effective in increasing ROI and securing market success.

Why Use Facebook?

With Facebook’s specialized targeting options, you can deliver your message effectively to the right audience, according to:

Precision Targeting

Using Facebook, you can tweak your ad settings in such a way that they will be shown to a defined audience based on location, demographics and interests. Doing so helps you create content relevant to your target market, and at the same time up interaction and engagement rates.

Growing Mobile Audience

Nowadays, everyone is on their phones. As of 2017, it was reported that mobile monthly active users have reached 1.66 billion. This, together with continuous smartphone penetration and 4G data expansion, makes mobile traffic a credible contributor to online success, specifically in terms of meeting the target audience where they spend their time most.

Improved Brand Awareness

Active Facebook users check their newsfeed multiple times per day. In fact, it was found that for every minute, 510,000 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated, and 136,000 photos are uploaded. On average, the duration per each visit is approximately 20 minutes. If done right, constant exposure and visibility of your ads and content will help reinforce your brand and build loyalty to millions of Facebook users.

Higher Conversion

Facebook coined the terms likes, shares and comments on social media. These features allow businessmen to establish a more personal and interactive relationship with potential clients. The higher the engagement rate of an audience, the better chances for conversion.

Extensive Analytics

Facebook has an Ads Manager feature that tracks and displays metrics for online and offline activities, including weekly reach, post engagement, likes and shares. This tool can help you adjust your campaign strategies where necessary to achieve optimal results.


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